Azzano Concrete focuses on providing high quality concrete foundations. Our constant pursuit of quality and efficiency for our customers has led us to invest in a forming technology that enables us to offer a complete forming package that exceeds current market standards. We understand first hand, the demand of the tradesmen who work off of our foundations. With that being said, we guarantee that our foundations are dimensionally correct and that pour levels are very accurate. Our aluminum concrete forms produce a visually and structurally high quality finished product, complementing your projects overall quality.

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Take advantage of our services and do away with excess lumber costs and traditional form rental costs. We will be able to significantly reduce overall foundation cost and streamline the foundation process adding greater efficiency to your project.


Our company focuses primarily on foundations, we offer complete forming packages that can include footing forms, aluminum wall forms and associated foundation materials. This significantly reduces the cost and waste factor traditionally carried by the primary contractor or builder. We provide the materials required to complete your project and leave your site free from lumber that may just go to waste. We have been in business in the Okanagan for 15 years as a foundation and framing contractor and under certain circumstances we may be able to offer framing services as well as foundations.



Concrete Walls


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